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Facility Management


We take holistic responsibility for our projects by including the operation of our projects in our portfolio services. Beyond that, we offer facility management services to our customers as well.

With our integrated post-construction services, we want to ensure full functionality, project efficiency and asset maintenance in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and formulate a strong and long-lasting relationship. This demands effective structures during the projects’ life to be planed as the basis for the subsequent facility management. The objective is always to keep operation at minimum costs. This way, we establish trust with our corporate customers.

Big elegant eight floor round building with offices

Roof mep installation

In order to maintain our corporate customers’ commitment to us, strengthen our brand awareness, and secure future projects in our construction operations, we undertake service nature assignments in operation and maintenance of industrial, commercial and other business facilities such as: 

• Predictive (PdM) or Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)
Maintenance based on the equipment/services condition status.

• Preventive maintenance
FM before any intermediate fault or breakdown so as to maintain a level of operations.

• Corrective or Breakdown Maintenance
When there is a fault or breakdown and immediate repairing is required to correct the defect.

• Compliance Testing and Inspection
Locate any problems and ensure the company adheres to laws, limits and regulations and all electrical systems are safe.

• Specialised Maintenance Services
Adhoc outsourced Facility Management

Facility management services integrate designing and construction services, optimize the offered products to our customers, increase our reputation as a leading construction services provider at every stage of the product life cycle, and make us a strong partner for our clients.
Along with development activities, they add measurable solid size to our company and increase our assets portfolio.

Also, committed to our company’s sustainable growth and our days’ needs we offer energy saving services with energy data acquisition, and energy audits that come out to energy-saving proposed measures.