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The need for superior quality in specialized industry sectors and high-end residential building have increased demands and complexity of installations. These installations need knowledge, awareness, quality assurance and added value engineering. That is why we focus on them and is our goal to participate in such projects either as general contractors or as subcontractors.


Sophisticated control automation is and will keep being integral part of even the smallest industrial, commercial, and residential application and devices.

We offer process control with PLC, Building management systems - BMS, environmental monitoring systems - EMS, Energy Monitoring & Management, SCADA, GUI solutions.

Clean Rooms

Pharmaceutical industry, food industry, electronics, hospitals, and data centers cannot achieve desired product quality without controlled environment. We offer design, installation, and qualification services in clean room facilities. We have successfully participated in grade B facility in pharmaceutical industry.

Architectural Finishing

Pursuit of aesthetic perfection is our passion in cutting-edge architectural projects. We want to wear architect’s shoes before any decision to be taken during installation and we deliver flawless work, with special care to all these integrated details that makes a project a living experience for its users.

complex mechanical installation numerous cables in several rows


Complex and elegant stairs construction multi floor