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Health & Safety

#Safety is NO Accident

#Identify Risks

#Be Proactive

Novaco is a people’s company. We give absolute priority to employees’ physical integrity and strive for the provision of a safe working environment. When you value your people, they exhibit higher levels of commitment, and they in turn increase their performance, creating value for customers.
In our business, construction, there are a number of site hazards that someone may experience every day such as scaffolding, sound, dust, toxic substances etc. We do not see accidents as a random inevitable result of nature. On the contrary, we believe that unsafe acts and conditions should be proactively prevented by reducing the identified risks that may cause disruptions.

Novaco, has managed projects at international standards with benchmark practices and has gained invaluable experience over the years in Health and safety. We adhere to the laws, regulations related to occupational safety and health for our employees, our subcontractors, our suppliers, clients and general public. We provide training and realise health and safe working conditions.
Our framework of effective management of occupational health and safety, is certified by TUV AUSTRIA for its ISO 45001 : 2018 certificate.

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Aerial view of an employee working safely on a  high crane on top of a 6 floor industrial building.

man with helmet and belt on a mechanical installation

two workers on top of a crane in mechanical installation